Real Home Value

How Much is Your Home Really Worth?

Figuring out how much your home is really worth can seem impossible. Every website has a different model providing a different answer.  A traditional way to find out how much your home is worth has been to ask a real estate agent. However, now many of the programs used by agents are relying on the same inaccurate models you see on the internet providing wrong answers.

Realty Advisors offers a better way. We eliminate the uncertainty regarding the value of your home by providing you with an appraiser’s valuation and pricing opinion prepared by a certified appraiser with a master’s degree in real estate. 

This is how you will know how much your home is really worth.

Every real estate website and every agent has an automated valuation model available to tell you how much your home is worth.  We even have one of those as well right here on this page.  It is like a toy, you input an address and it comes back with an answer telling you how much your home is worth.  It is not a correct answer, but it is fun to play with.

Getting the highest possible price for your home is not a game and does not involve toys.  If you are thinking about selling your home, you must have an accurate conclusion regarding the value of your home as a basis for your decisions.  We make it easy, just select the button below and tell us a little about yourself and you will get an absolutely free, no-obligation, appraiser’s valuation and pricing conclusion for your home that you can count on.

How Accurate are Automated Valuation Models?

You may be asking “What is an automated valuation model”?  Simply put it is a model which applies mathematical analysis to the data in a database of properties to generate an estimated value of a property.  An appraisal for house value estimate is much more specific and accurate.  Automated valuation models can do a good job reporting house values in a neighborhood for all homes and statistical figures like average and median process.

It is good to have this accurate neighborhood home value information but that does not answer the question “How much is my house worth?” That answer requires the manual evaluation and analysis of a trained appraiser. 

Choose the right agent to work with when selling your home.  A real estate agent who is also a certified appraiser will be able to provide a more accurate valuation of a property.

Shouldn’t the agent you work with know more about appraisal than the appraiser?  More about inspection than the inspector and more about financing than the lender?  After all, isn’t that what makes them an expert?  If you are ready to work with a certified real estate expert then take the next step and schedule a free consultation below.